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image-84b8ff7d8119a3f9f2e7ea1bbeb2117df9c7db3d585702902872d88df3a2af1a-vAll of us want our homes to be squeaky clean, dirt free and sparkling and why not? After all, a tidy home not only looks good but is also necessary from health and hygiene point of view!

Cleaning Heroes is a versatile and multi-purpose company. The main field of activity is rendering cleaning services in North and South of Ireland.

The priorities of the company have always been and will be a reliable, high-quality, mutually beneficial customer service and provision of cleaning services at the highest level. We have became a reliable partner for many businesses and individuals by taking over all their everyday problems and difficulties related with cleaning. For the convenience of customers we have provided them with an opportunity to use a particular service in combination or individually on an ad hoc or permanent basis and to choose the most convenient method of paying, enabling us to bring the service to a more convenient and acceptable level.

At Cleaning Heroes, we will help you maintain cleaner and beautiful homes effortlessly! We take great pride in our cleaning services, professional and trained cleaners and above all our green and efficient cleaning methods and practices.

Cleaning Heroes is renowned for offering the high-quality, green, quick and reliable home cleaning services to our Commercial, Domestic and Industrial customers. We provide a gamut of cleaning services and solutions including carpet cleaning, window cleaning, pressure washing and much more. No matter what type of cleaning services you require, we’ll never ever disappoint you.

Why Us?

• We believe in offering 100% customer satisfaction.
• Our cleaning team is renowned for offering green and effective cleaning services.
• We are fully insured.
• Our cleaners are highly trained and capable of using different cleaning methods and techniques.
• We offer daily, weekly, monthly and bi-monthly cleaning services, depending upon your requirements.

Our Goals:

At Cleaning Heroes, we want to satisfy and meet the expectations of every homeowner, organisation and industry. We emphasize on quality and effective results and take adequate measures to offer excellent cleaning services and solutions. We intend to build long term relations with our customers by winning their trust and confidence, every time they choose us as their cleaning partner. We are a highly committed and dedicated cleaning company and hold our principles and values in high regard. We want to continue as the leader in the commercial, industrial and domestic cleaning segment and markets and in order to fulfill our goals and aspirations we will constantly endeavor to provide our customers with the best and affordable cleaning services.

Our Mission:

Cleaning Heroes intends to leave an indelible impression on its customers. We wish to provide our clients with superior quality, positive and trustworthy cleaning solutions and services. We want to impact their life and environments in a positive way. We want to offer our customers including homeowners, office owners, commercial enterprises and large and small scale industries with consistent and detailed cleaning services.


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