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img6Graffiti is a difficult problem property owners may be facing. Graffiti vandalism is caused by graffiti taggers using spray paint to vandalize private and public properties.

It reduce the value of premises and has negative effects on the appearance of the property ,may hurts business revenues and diminishes our quality of life. Graffiti removal process is often a much longer process comparing to the time spent to create it. In order to clean the surface from paint, it is necessary to know its composition as well as to take into account the characteristics of the material on which the image is performed. If treatment technology is chosen incorrectly, the owner of the building will have to spend a lot of money on finishing works to restore the decorative covering of the building or any other structure.

Cleaning Heroes Graffiti Removal service will act quickly and remove all sizes of graffiti from any type of surface for residential and commercial spaces. We use only environmentally safe graffiti removal products and methods, which guarantee an effective removal process and will not damage grass, any nearby plant life or any other surface.