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cleanhomesIs it difficult to find the time for cleaning ? Or are you suffering from your housework? Maybe it is time for the home/ apartment cleaning to be done by experts?

Keeping your house clean is not just about appearances and very often modern people find it quite difficult to keep their homes tidy due to great lack of time. We understand that a clean, spotless house is a happy one, and we are dedicated and passionate about keeping it that way. If you appreciate your time and wish to have your house perfectly cleaned, we are pleased to offer you the services of our company. Cleaning Heroes provide excellent home/apartment cleaning services that should be seen as an investment into your family’s health and house care. Our highly trained team make your home look sparkly and spotless at an affordable price as well as give you free time to do what you enjoy and home you can be proud of.

Our services can be arranged weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, occasionally or on one-time basis. We are happy to work with your schedule and your needs for cleaning.