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mattress cleaningUpholstery cleaning:

Did you know that your upholstery can contain millions of dead skin cells, body oil sand dust mites? Upholstery cleaning is a special and complicated process in cleaning and it requires professional skills and knowledge to achieve a perfect result. Each type of upholstery needs a particular method of cleaning and a special cleaning products in order to avoid damage of the textile or the structure of the furniture. By having your upholstery professionally cleaned by Cleaning Heroes, you can ride our furniture of spots, stains and smells. We can help make your furniture look new again!

Mattress cleaning:

Mattresses, as any other furniture, require periodic maintenance, and maybe even more so with mite, accidentally spilled drinks, urine and even a “trouble-free” long-term use leave traces on the surface of the mattress which make it not only look ugly, but also unhealthy for owners. Wet, contaminated cover is an ideal breeding ground for microorganisms which may cause odours and potentially even harm your health. Therefore, if any “accident” happens, do not put off cleaning the mattress or flip it over trying to hide spots and rather address the professionals. As practice shows, if the cleaning is done within a week after the “accident”, it is possible to remove any stain with 100% guarantee and your clean mattress will be restored and healthy again. Cleaning Heroes provide home mattress cleaning. We clean orthopaedic, spring, latex mattresses as well as mattresses with other fillers. Processing is carried out by means of an extractor and a line of professional chemical products which will help to get rid of mite, stains or other contaminants and return your mattress to its original look in a time efficient manner.